Because Ignorance Is a Country with Many Coasts

by Donna Vorreyer

because its ports shimmer as the moon
showcases the same old world but silvered

boat after boat is drawn
to its shores not knowing
(for that is what ignorance means)

that it is not bliss, that no matter
how long you wallow here,
life will never be how you want it to be

because the moth and the rust
still corrupt the linen and the steel

because time will fix its lance in you,
you who used to be a stronger, mightier foe


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About Donna Vorreyer

Donna Vorreyer is the author of Every Love Story is an Apocalypse Story (Sundress Publications, 2016) and A House of Many Windows (Sundress Publications, 2013), as well as seven chapbooks, most recently Tinder, Smolder, Bones, and Snow (dancing girl press). She serves as the reviews editor for Stirring: A Literary Collection and teaches middle school in the suburbs of Chicago.

Donna Vorreyer

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