Two Poems

by Alejandro Escudé


A Bird, A Prowler

In the spaces that govern
you are often told to stop wandering.
The trees I mean, their very presence
and how it is always about filling in,
as a child might fill in a coloring page
of a dinosaur—the mighty are mighty
because they avoid asking
the essential questions, such as
where will this road take me?
And more, asking provokes a certain
sickness, the arc of a naked drone,
the burial of the chord, the night
and its imaginary plenitudes;
I recall waking once to the sound
of a scratching window, a bird? A prowler?
The sound was a language,
and I interpreted it to be the hand-claw
of a god. It said, beneath me
there’s a hollow that can only be filled
with time, and time is soul-less.
Time is mathematical milk suckled
from the teat of star-cows. It figures,
I remember thinking, and then
went about my open-mouthed snoring,
a religious mood shifting over me
like that of a pirate or a priest.


Loose Laces

The shadow does not bear a likeness to my son
as we walk; hand in hand, time flowing over us
like the rapids ride we were on last weekend,
his smiling face now impenetrable as we head
to school. “What’s wrong?” I ask my son.
He grimaces and looks down at his shadow.
Sunlight will not console and it could be nothing,
as if nothing were a good thing—I’d rather there
be something and not this week’s long silence
and anger at age eight. What an age for a long
shadow to appear. I try to bring his childhood
online, but the buttons just aren’t working.
His mother sighs.We walk and hear the patter
of our shoes, shoes he can barely tie. I push him
to tie his shoes with strong hands, his ties too
loose to stay on for very long. I can’t penetrate
both of our shadows with any form of hope.
And only the sunlight promises definition.


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About Alejandro Escudé

Alejandro Escudé’s first book of poems, My Earthbound Eye, was published in September 2013. He holds a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of California, Davis and teaches high school English. Originally from Argentina, Alejandro lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Alejandro Escudé

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