by Aliza Einhorn

In the beginning man he created them
In the beginning woman he created them

This was the way God thought at that time

something hard, something soft: balance
It was the beginning of balance

And the garden was good
There was what to eat and they took and they
until the dreams came

The first murder hadn’t happened yet,
nothing had been

predicted yet and all loneliness was

The days were plump and bright
It wasn’t heaven exactly, there weren’t any
but these were the early days

the little blue pools flowed by them,
wet their bodies

He is beautiful: that is what she told him
He was not afraid of the animals, he held

There were no phones yet, no way to talk
unless face to face

or back to back, the waters between them.
No shopping lists.
Love hadn’t been invented yet

but the long afternoons were perfect
They could rest in the meadow of the
afternoon it was perfect

because God was different in those days, he
thought differently about the world.

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About Aliza Einhorn

Aliza is a poet and playwright, graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She makes her living as an Astrologer and Tarot Reader in New York City. You can find her blogging daily at

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