@Bigoldsupermoon (via Twitter)

@ComposeJournal‘s one of my faves. Well worth a follow if you like #flashfiction &#poetry!

Joshua Lind, The Review Review

One thing that’s difficult to gauge about an online journal is how much material there is. You can’t pick it up and get a sense of its size by hefting it around a bit. Let me assure you that the Fall 2014 issue of Compose Journal is BIG.

Joseph Hesch, Poet and Writer (via Facebook)

Compose is presenting fabulous work on a regular basis. Maybe even some of mine…someday. Give it a read. 

@dreamingauze (via Twitter)

@ComposeJournal is a new journal to watch out for. Some of their pieces are instant classics!

@Rebecca_Curan (via Twitter)

Enjoyed reading @jennyrough‘s The Golden Notebook in the latest issue of @ComposeJournal – really relatable, well-written piece.

@RSavinaR (via Twitter)

Some journals are great about putting writers work in-progress pronto via Submittable! We’re talking about Compose composejournal.com !

@nomopoetry (via Twitter)

I really love this issue’s cover for @ComposeJournal. … A lil saffron-robed woodblock Buddha abstracted out mid-journey.

@Kris10ly (via Twitter)

[W]ho is this stunning Rebecca Hazelton—Master of Images? […] Last stanza of first poem has me ruined as a writer. […] Her command of language and the images she creates are breathtaking.

@krissycabeen (via Twitter)

The inaugural issue of @ComposeJournal is beautiful, inside & out. Strong writing & a gorgeous site design.

@TheRJLacko (via Twitter)

So excited to dive into @ComposeJournal‘s inaugural issue!