Fall 2017

Our tenth issue features an interview with Canadian author Julie Paul and a short story excerpted from her collection The Pull of the Moon; poetry by Cammy Thomas, Edward A. Dougherty, Cathie Sandstrom, David Koehn, M. J. Arlett, nicole v basta, Caroline Plasket, and Laurinda Lind; creative nonfiction by Shiv Dutta, Melissa Lewis-Ackerman, Marcia K. Bilyk, Kelly […]

Spring 2017

Our Spring 2017 issue features an interview with Margo Orlando Littell and an excerpt from her debut novel, Each Vagabond by Name; poetry by Laura Donnelly, Brian Simoneau, Chris Murray, Tanya Fadem, Sergio A. Ortiz, John Grey, Lita Kurth, and Gail DiMaggio; creative nonfiction by Noriko Nakada, Marion Agnew, Kevin Bray, Telaina Eriksen, Jim Krosschell, and […]

Fall 2016

Our Fall 2016 issue features poetry by D. A. Powell, Laura McCullough, Babette Cieskowski, David Ishaya Osu, Lynn Otto, Emari DiGiorgio, Alejandro Escudé, Amanda Hope, Donna Vorreyer, Daniel Moore, and Emma Bolden; features by Daniel Wallace, Debra Wierenga and Dawn Manning; creative nonfiction by Risa Nye, David Raney, Robyn Goodwin,  Joe Oswald, and Monet Thomas; fiction by Lindsey Crittenden, Nancy Smith, Michael Overa, Patricia Canright […]

Spring 2016

Our Spring 2016 issue features an interview with Ira Sukrungruang, author of “The Melting Season,” and an essay by Dallas Woodburn; poetry by Marty McConnell, Ashanti Anderson, Sierra Jacob, Erin Jones, Tiffany Melanson, Rebecca Macijeski, Lena Tuffaha, Yuan Changming, Tonya Sauer, and Barbara Costas Biggs; fiction by Jacqueline Guidry, Leonard Kress, Tara Isabel Zambrano, J. T. Townley, […]

Fall 2015

Our Fall 2015 edition features an interview with Sonja Livingston and an excerpt from her new collection of essays, “Queen of the Fall”; poetry by Eleanor Swanson, Deborah Bacharach, Kathleen Boyle, Lauren Schmidt, Elizabeth Tannen, Lane Falcon, George Freek, Julie Brooks Barbour, Catherine Cobb Morocco, and Jenna Kilic-Somers; fiction by Matthew Grolemund, José Araguz, P. Kearney Byrne, Nafissa Thompson-Spires, Devin Murphy and Katya Cummins; nonfiction by Bernard Grant, Betty Jo Buro, William Blomstedt, Richard LeBlond, Christopher Duggan, and Caroline Swicegood; […]

Spring 2015

Our Spring 2015 issue includes poetry by Diane Lockward, Peter Munro, Dan Alter, Ruth Foley, Elaina Mercatoris, Kevin Casey, Aliza Einhorn, Willy Palomo, and Erin Redfern; fiction by John Oliver Hodges, Jess Klagmann, Timothy Boudreau, Gregory Koop and Kate Wisel; nonfiction by Robert Vivian, Dawn Shirk, Rebecca Taylor Fremo, Christina Brandon and JC Reilly; features by David […]

Fall 2014

Our Fall 2014 issue features poetry by Lauren Camp, Megan Collins, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Ian Khadan, Emily K. Michael, George Moore, Casey Patrick, Jennifer Tappenden, Marianna White, and Lindsay Wilson; fiction by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, Rowan Beaird, Lou Gaglia, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Carole Glasser Langille, and Jenny Wales Steele; nonfiction by Athena Dixon, Trevor Ellestad, […]

Spring 2014

Our Spring 2014 issue features poetry by Ian Duhig, Roy Guzmán, Kirsten Hemmy, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Bobbi Lurie, Jed Myers, Simon Perchik, Emily Rose Kahn-Sheahan, and Leonore Wilson; fiction by Nina Badzin, Robyn Goodwin, Tom Halford, Julie Paul, Suzannah Showler, Mitchell Welch, and Chris Yamashita; nonfiction by Jessica Barksdale, Susannah Clark, Terry Barr, Aileen Hunt, Jim Krosschell, […]

Fall 2013

There’s something for everyone in our Fall 2013 issue of Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing. Sit back and enjoy works by William Logan, Katrina Kenison, Ada Limón, Rebecca Rosenblum, Cathleen Calbert, Beth Kephart, Hannah Stephenson, and many other accomplished writers, poets, and artists.

Spring 2013

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing. The Spring 2013 issue features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and features from contributors Randall Mann, Glen Chamberlain, Rebecca Hazelton, Jael McHenry, Jeff Goins, Josh Hanagarne, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Jennie Nash, Lisa Cron, Barbara Abercrombie, and more.