@_MatthewRoss (via Twitter)

Spending a sunny afternoon on my deck browsing essays in the inaugural issue of @ComposeJournal. Impressive!

Jael McHenry, author (via Twitter)

Have you read the first issue of @ComposeJournal yet? Get on it!

@Powell_DA (via Twitter)

There’s a new literary journal online, and I think you’ll like it.

@Overeducatedgrl (via Twitter)

Continuing to connect with other writers online. Just followed @ComposeJournal. You should check it out.

@AmandaShayne, Writer (via Twitter)

I’m so impressed by the levels of professionalism & dedication . . . @ComposeJournal.

Marion Agnew, Writer

One thing I like about the name Compose is that it says that good writing doesn’t just happen – it’s crafted, it’s allowed to ripen, it requires work and dedication and skill, all of which can be learned but takes commitment.

Carol Carpenter, Poet

The writing looks fantastic […] and the entire journal is classy and stylish. Compose is a work of art. I can’t wait to read it all.