Mixed Media Paintings and Embroidered Collages

by Chuka Susan Chesney






“Firecat” first appeared inĀ People Like Cats (Red Dashboard LLC, 2016).

About Chuka Susan Chesney

A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Chuka Susan Chesney is an imaginative artist. "Extremely prolific" is how one would describe her creative output, but more important is her pleasure in experimentation, pushing her to include new techniques and materials. Much of her work is narrative. Watercolor is a favorite base and there is always a strong lyrical line running through each piece. Subjects range from very personal to energetic landscapes, and the combination of plant motifs covered with tiny marks, dots, and lines is endearing and whimsical. Chesney's paintings and poems have appeared in Claudius Speaks, Inklette, and Peacock Journal. She also collaborated with the prize-winning poet Laura Madeline Wiseman on a book of poetry called People Like Cats.

Chuka Susan Chesney

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