Daffodils in January

by M. J. Arlett

Little yellow smiles
pushing through the mildness,

eager and insistent.
Think, how they birthed themselves

blindly, how intuition drew them up.
Is this not what we all do?

One day they will grasp what’s wrong,
each smile crystallizing

with the frost,
and you will wake beside a lover

you could not change,
though you tried.


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About M. J. Arlett

M. J. Arlett was born in the UK and now lives in Texas where she is pursuing her PhD. She is an editor at the Plath Poetry Project, and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in B O D YThe Boiler, Lunch TicketPoet LoreMud Season Review, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere.

M. J. Arlett

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