The Story Behind “Across Which the World” by Laura McCullough

Today’s post is written by Laura McCullough. We published her poem “Across Which the World” in our Fall 2016 issue.  It’s hard to discuss my own work. I think if I could say what I needed to say in another form, I would. A poem is what I write because I can’t say something any other […]

The Story Behind “Shepherding” by Michael Overa

Today’s post is written by Michael Overa. We published his short story “Shepherding” in our Fall 2016 issue. Memory has always struck me as a rather tenuous thing. Even the healthiest minds muddle and jumble and transpose memories. Inevitably, I struggle with the idea of memory primarily because of my own love-hate relationship with it. I’ve no […]

The Story Behind ‘Love Letters’ by Mary Leonard

Today’s post is written by Mary Leonard. We published her flash fiction “Love Letters” in our Fall 2016 issue.  Really, “Love Letters” is based on true experiences: the toilet would not flush, a mouse would visit every night, the air conditioning could not be regulated. I never did meet any of the employees of the Physical Plant but […]

The Story Behind “Two Poems” by Lynn Otto

Today’s post is written by Lynn Otto. We published her poems “Marcescence” and “And After” in our Fall 2016 issue. When my friend Dave read someone’s claim that it’s impossible to write any more good poems about the moon, he wrote a poem about the moon. Someone has probably said something similar about trees. But I […]

The Story Behind “The Unfaithful Triptych” by Monet Thomas

Today’s post is written by Monet Thomas. We published her creative nonfiction piece “The Unfaithful Triptych” in our Fall 2016 issue.  “The Unfaithful Triptych” is one of several pieces I’ve written styled after a triptych or three pieces of art, usually paintings or photography, hung beside each other and meant to be appreciated together. It was during […]