Like Vines

by Tanya R. Fadem

A response to The Two Fridas, by Frida Kahlo

You in white, quite as it should be, I
shroud in gold on blue satin,
your hand in mine joined in vein
like vines wound ‘round wounds, your

inner workings splayed, secret
mirrored chambers’ beat sanguine
journeys free, exposed. I clutch
tenderness like a sunset.

You triage tears, choke the flow
of dreams hemorrhaging,
spilling cherries on canvas

We know the symbiotic ache that
whispers about who does the feeling and
who does the living. You know, I know
you’d float away if I let go.


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About Tanya Rachelle Fadem

Tanya R. Fadem is an educator, poet, and writer living by the ocean with her family. Her work has been published in Scheherazade. When she has any spare time, she can be found with her nose in a book or working on writing one of her own.

Tanya Rachelle Fadem

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