Jane Eaton Hamilton

Jane Eaton Hamilton’s eighth book, the poetry volume Love Will Burst Into a Thousand Shapes, appeared fall 2014. Her work has been included in the Journey Prize Anthology, Best Canadian Short Stories, and has been cited in the Best American Short Stories. She has won many prizes for her short fiction, including twice, first prize in fiction in the CBC Literary Awards (2003/2014). She has published in the New York Times, Seventeen, Salon, Numero Cinq, Maclean’s, the Globe and Mail, the Missouri Review, Ms blog, the Alaska Quarterly Review and many other places. Jane’s work is upcoming in several anthologies and in Siécle 21 in Paris. Jane is also a photographer and visual artist and was a litigant in Canada’s same-sex marriage case. She lives in Vancouver. janeeatonhamilton.wordpress.com.